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Support Plant Mama Seedlings Garden Club

Support Plant Mama Seedlings Garden Club

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The Plant Mama Seedlings Garden Club, a nurturing haven nestled within Curtis Bay Elementary School, offers year-round engagement for young minds. This vibrant initiative is a flourishing platform where children cultivate not only seeds but also a deep-rooted connection to nature. Through hands-on activities and educational workshops, the club empowers young participants to embrace the wonders of gardening, fostering a lifelong appreciation for the environment while sowing the seeds of knowledge and growth.

Plant Mama Seedlings has served the families of Curtis Bay Elementary School since 2018, supporting families and children with hands on cooking lessons, gardening, herbal support, and education! 

Help us continue our efforts to keep Plant Mama Seedlings Garden Club accessible to our families.

Your donation:


  • Purchases tools, seeds, soil, and resources for 2nd - 5th grade children 
  • Helps our program remain throughout the entire school year
  • Remediates garden beds with sustainable materials
  • Provides children and families with nutrition education 
  • Makes wellness equitable and accessible! 

We are raising $10,000 for the 2023-2024 school year! 




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