Our Story

Hello Plant Mamas, Papas, Folx, and Family!

I am deeply grateful that you’ve found the home of Plant Mama Alchemy, LLC, my brainchild, my life’s work, and blueprint for continued wellness in the black community. I invite you to take a walk with me as we journey through how Plant Mama Alchemy, LLC came to be.

Back in 2009, my beloved mother, Senora, experienced cardiac arrest while attending a wedding reception full of family. For the 8 daunting years following, my baby sister and I cared for our mother until her final breath in 2017. My mother’s transition was the result of generational trauma and health disparities that have impacted the black community globally, more so, in the western world, mainly the continental united states. During those years my mother spent bedridden and incoherent, I went through my own healing journey to work through trauma and recenter myself in Holistic Nutrition, Herbalism, and Integrative Health. Heartbroken, devastated, yet determined, I felt called to create an extension of myself that provided access to ancestral plant medicine and nutrition education that would shift the mindset, health, and general wellness of my community so that young black girls aren’t burying their parents who never made it out of their 50’s.

Thus, in 2019, after co-running Divine Love Holistic Wellness, LLC for 6 years, I began Plant Mama Alchemy, LLC, providing ancestral plant medicine for modern experiences.

Here at Plant Mama Alchemy, LLC we cultivate ancestral plant medicine with organic and sustainably sourced herbs, flowers, fruits, and roots provided by the mother of all things, Earth. We also empower spirits like you to join our commitment to black wellness through our Wholistic Alchemist Community Practitioner program and providing emergency wellness funding through Plant Mama’s Triage Fund.

Thank you for being the catalyst for change by stopping here today. May we forever be a source of love, compassion, empowerment, and wellness.

With Love,

Jennifer & The Plant Mama Alchemy Team




 The Beginning (photo June 2020)