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Awakening the Roots - Intentional Medicine Community Herbalist Course

Awakening the Roots - Intentional Medicine Community Herbalist Course

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The Ancestral urge to keep the medicine flowing!

Welcome to Awakening the Roots - Intentional Medicine, a 1 year extension of Intro to Herbalism that provides you with a deeper journey with our plant allies and elders.

This experience is for the ones who are called to become stewards of the earth as Community Herbalist, redefining wellness for families and individuals with plant medicine. 

In Intro to Herbalism, we learned the Intentional Medicine Healing Method, an integral tool that assists us in formulating herbal protocols through a whole-person approach. Now it's time to put the philosophy of Intentional Medicine into action along with a cohesive relationship with plant constituents, solvents, and molecular bodily functions to effect healing across generations.

Intentional Medicine takes us on a journey into the healing ways of plants that allows us a closer view of plants anatomical and physiological structure and function, intentional medicine making, contraindications, and human physiology.

We are getting to the root of unwellness and journeying our way into wholeness. This experience is designed to take you on your own healing journey as you learn how to provide support to your community, family, and friends as an Intentional Medicine Community Herbalist!

In Intentional Medicine, we will:

-Reconnect with Materia Medica for over 100 Plant Elders
-Learn Plant Phytochemistry & Anatomy
-Explore Human Anatomy & Physiology
-Rituals for the Spiritual Wisdom of Plants
-Herbal Energetics
-Extensive Intentional Medicine Healing Method
-Clinical Consultations & Assessments
-Learn Children's Herbalism
-Explore Case Studies
-And so much more!


What you'll get:

-Access to our New School of Intentional Medicine
-Herbal Medicine Kit (Optional)
-Lifetime Mentorship & Support
-An Extensive Relationship with Herbs
-16 Transformative Months of Classes & Community
-Access to The Business of Herbal Medicine Mentorship
-Practical Herbalism Experience
-Ancestral Guidance
-Access to the Intentional Medicine Library
-In-Person Graduation Ceremony Weekend
-Certified Intentional Medicine Community Herbalist Certification 


We begin our journey into Intentional Medicine September 17, 2024

Live class is held Tuesdays at 7 pm EDT/EST



Deposit $350*
Tuition w/ Herbal Medicine Kit $1750
Tuition without Herbal Medicine Kit $1500

Regular Tuition $2000 includes Herbal Medicine Kit


If you secure your spot with a deposit, you will need to enroll an bi-weekly or monthly automatic payments. An email will be sent to establish payment arrangements.

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