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Plant Mama Alchemy

The Plant Mama Triage Fund

The Plant Mama Triage Fund

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The Plant Mama Triage Fund is a way for Plant Mama Alchemy to allocate funds to serve the wellness needs of folks in our community.  Mutual Aid

Inspired by my mother's kindness and evergiving spirit, I began The Plant Mama Triage Fund for those in our community who are experiencing financial and accessibility challenges so that they can receive well-care in the form of nutrition & herbalism directly to their door with Herbalist On Call, tuition support for our herb and nutrition education programs, and purchasing medications. 

2021 is the first year for The Plant Mama Triage Fund and to date, I have taken 10% of each week's sales to contribute to the growth.

Due to all of the DM's and comments on recent social media post, I've decided to open up donations for the fund so that you can have a hand in elevating the wellness of our community.

Folks In Need

If you are combating an illness and in need of well-care in Baltimore, Maryland & Surrounding Counties, email ( text or call (410) 802-6954 to request our Herbalist On Call. 

Herbalist On Call provides herb and nutrition support same day or within 24 hour, Monday - Sunday 11 a.m. - 8 p.m. for non-emergency acute needs. We provide:

-Homemade Broths, Soups, & Stews
-Herbal Remedies & Protocols
-Reiki & Energy Healing

Our Herbalist On Call will do a comprehensive intake to ensure that you receive intentional effective care. 


Folks Who Donate

Thank you for contributing to the Plant Mama Triage Fund by Plant Mama Alchemy. Because we are not a 501(c)3, your donation is not tax exempt. With integrity and transparency, rest assured your funds will be used according to our intentions mentioned above. 

Check back here once a month to see updates of how we served our community. Again, thank you and be well!


Apply for Triage Fund Support 

Quarter 1 2022

  • Purchased insulin & pump for young black woman
  • Provided bedside care for elderly sick & shut-in

Quarter 2 2022

  • 1 BIPOC non-binary person received 8 weeks of hypnotherapy support

Quarter 3 2022

  • 1 household received assistance for electricity bill
  • 1 person received tuition for courses

Quarter 4 2022

  • 4 families received Herbalist On Call Support for RSV/Covid/Pneumonia

Quarter 1 2023

  • 2 partial scholarships to Intro to Herbalism
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