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Plant Mama Alchemy

Awakening The Roots - Intro to Herbalism

Awakening The Roots - Intro to Herbalism

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To protect the sacredness of our truths, this course is a safe space for Black Indigenous People of Color only. (BIPOC) 

Activate the medicine in you and Awaken the Roots with Plant Mama Alchemy! Take your wellness into your hands by realigning with the root mamas, papas, and folx in your lineage that cultivated medicine intentionally for the family and community.

This course serves as a gateway into the world of plant medicine, and it is your birthright to take this journey home! For 8 weeks, we'll dive into the foundation of herbalism through the lens of reclaiming your birthright to herbalism. You’ll learn folk remedies and clinical applications of common herbal preparations and walk away with an arsenal of plant powered remedies to support your and your loved ones.

In This Course We’ll Explore

  • Ancestral Guidance & Folk Recipes
  • Systems of the Body
  • Materia Medica
  • Rituals in Medicine Making
  • Intentional Medicine Philosophy
  • Formulas & Dosage


What You’ll Get

  • Awakening the Roots Resource Guide
  • Awakening the Roots Herbal Medicine Kit (40+ items including herbs & medicine making supplies)
  • Access to Private Weekly Zoom
  • Unlimited Access to Recorded Sessions
  • Unlimited Exclusive Access to Private Awakening the Roots Facebook Group with ongoing medicine making and discussions
  • Transformative Relationship with Plant Medicine
  • Certificate of Completion


Things to Know

Live Zoom Class 2.5 hours Weekly (20 hours total)
Medicine Making 2 hours Weekly (16 hours total)
Assignments (4 hours total)

Total Course Hours 40  


Class Dates

Summer 2024 - June 26 - August 14 (Wednesdays 7 p.m. EST)

Fall 2024 - September 18 - November 6 (Wednesdays 7 p.m. EST)

Course Overview 

Week 1 - You Are the Medicine

The first week in Awakening the Roots-Intro to Herbalism opens with the activation of the medicine we carry within us. We'll explore herbal foundations, terminology, and lexicon. Enrollees will begin cultivating a relationship with plants by preparing water based extractions and learning the active constituents that support plant healing ways.

Week 2 - You Are the Healer

Week 2 is dedicated to activating our role as healers. We'll explore medicine of the heart space, centering ways grief, disconnection, and stress has impacted that heart health of Africans in the diaspora. Continuing learning the ways of herbal preparations, we'll walk through preparing herbal tinctures with fresh and dried plant material, creating shelf-stable medicine.

Week 3 - You Are the Ritual

In the third week of Intro to Herbalism, we'll get a brief overview of how herbs were used throughout Black culture. We'll also take a look at medicine making in rhythm with the cosmology of the universe. To prepare effective medicine, we'll take a look at the 8 step Intentional Medicine Healing Method, a Plant Mama Alchemy ritual for medicine making. Our herbal preparation will center oil as a solvent, formulating infused oils, salves, and balms.

Week 4 - You Are the Activist

Herbalist are activist! This week's we'll learn how herbs have been used as tools of resistance against oppression! Our foremamas were true alchemist and warriors! We'll sit in the womb space and reclaim our divine feminine and creative energy, learning herbs that support healthy reproductive systems. We'll create herbal capsules and powdered formulas for concentrated medicinal experiences.


Week 5 - You Are the Resistance

The Immune System is our bodies method of protection. As we continue surviving these western streets, we have a responsibility to activate boundaries and prevent illness. We'll explore our gut and immune system and immune boosting herbs.

Week 6 - You Are the Alchemist

Remembering our breath how it continues to keep us! Week 6 is dedicated to the respiratory system and activating our voice! We'll explore herbs that clear mucus and restore lung health. We'll return to medicine making, learning how to prepare herbal syrups.

Week 7 - You Are the Peace

Our Nervous System mitigates how stress impacts all of the systems of the body. In week 7, we'll learn that sometimes rest is our resistance, exploring herbs for anxiety, depression, and restoring our peace. We'll make our last herbal preparation, oxymels, which are vinegar based preparations. 

Week 8 - A Responsible Herbalist 

 In the last week of Awakening the Roots Intro to Herbalism, we'll review our previous 7 weeks and wrap up with maintaining ethics, intentions, and good practices as a responsible herbalist. Enrollees will submit documentation of medicine making experiences and submit a final quiz to receive certificate of completion.


    1. Why should I take this course?

    Awakening The Roots is an Intro To Herbalism that reconnects you with the original medicine, traditional medicine through the lens of activating your birthright. In this course, you'll build a relationship with plants by getting hands on medicine making and creating a ritual for everyday wellness. You'll be able to confidently provide remedies for yourself, your family, and your community!

    2. Is there a payment plan?

    At checkout, you can choose the option to make 4 payments of $86.75 to make this course more affordable for your budget.

    If you need additional payment options, please email and speak with Jen.

    3. What if I miss a class? 

    All class are recorded and sent to your email within 24-48 hours.

    4. I chose the Without Herbal Medicine Kit Option, will there be a list of herbs used in the course?

    Yes! All enrollees will receive a downloadable Awakening the Roots Resource Guide to assist with navigating the content with or without an herbal medicine kit.

     5. Is there a Certificate of Completion?

    Yes, enrollees who show evidence of learning through weekly medicine making and engagement will receive a Certificate of Completion. 

    6. What is the cousin system?

    The cousin system allows you and a loved one to enroll in the Awakening the Roots Community for a discounted price. One person completes the payment, and both parties are welcomed into the community and receive an herbal medicine kit. Use 'Cousin' at checkout to get $$$ off 2 enrollments. You must add 2 enrollments to the cart for the discount to apply. 

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