Custom Herbal Blend
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Custom Herbal Blend

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Do you need a specific blend? Targeting a specific issue?

Allow our herbalist to customize an herbal tea or tincture just for you! Place your order and you'll receive an email to schedule a 20 minute consultation within 24 hours. 

Herbal Tea

Our herbal tea come as loose tea or prepackaged in bleach-free organic compostable tea bag. The tea blend will be a combination of sustainably sourced, organic, and non-gmo herbs for your specific need. Each Herbal Tea order includes:

-3 ounces of customized herbal tea blend (1-2 month supply)

-1 glass tea cup

-1 stainless steel tea strainer

-1 mini wellness guide

Custom herbal tea blends ship in 3-5 business days.


A tincture is an alcohol-based concentration of herbs. Tinctures are formulated through a lengthy process, allowing nutrient properties to be extracted over the course of 4 weeks. Each Tincture order consist of 3 - 2 ounce bottles of your customized blend.

Tinctures ship in 14 business days.



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