Recycle with Plant Mama Alchemy

Drank up all of your goodies and don't know what to do with your bottles? Well, Plant Mama Alchemy offers a recycling program that honors the earth and you!

Get Started

Step 1: Email Customer Service with your order number(s) and intent to recycle.

Step 2: Receive a FREE SHIPPING LABEL. (You pay nada!) Return the bottles in the packaging and box you received them in, don't worry, we'll sanitize them! All you have to do is rinse them with hot water after use

Be sure to cover the old label with the new label. Drop at your nearest USPS and we'll do the rest. 

Step 3: Upon receipt here at Plant Mama Alchemy, we'll issue a unique discount code to redeem at checkout. Remember, only 1 coupon code can be redeemed at at time. 


The Process


1 4oz bottle = $0.25

1 8oz bottle = $0.50

1 16 oz bottle = $1.00

1 32 oz bottle = $2.00

1 64 oz bottle = $4.00

1 Gallon = $8


Local Pickup/Drop Offs

If you are a Maryland customer and would like to schedule a drop off or pick up of your bottles, please email Customer Service and we'll get you taken care of.


A Message from Jen

Apart of taking care of the world, is taking care of ourselves and vice versa. Here at Plant Mama Alchemy, we are committed to doing our part, in partnership with you, to make this sacred space with live in a greener, better place. Thank you for choosing us time and time again.


A quick note, all packaging is recyclable or compostable! Packing peanuts dissolve in water almost instantly! Your boxes, bottles, and bubble wrap can be taken to your nearest recycling center.