Wholistic Alchemist Practitioner Certification
Plant Mama Alchemy

Wholistic Alchemist Practitioner Certification

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Create intentional change as a Wholistic Alchemist Practitioner, Plant Mama Alchemy's certification course weaving herbalism, nutrition, and mindfulness into one curriculum for healing. 

Shift the consciousness and wellness of our communities! We are a powerful people who have been systematically oppressed and at the center of health disparities. As a Wholistic Alchemist Practitioner, you will teach and empower individuals, families, and folx to improve self-awareness and through nutrition, herbalism, and mindfulness. Your role as a practitioner is to formulate intentionally crafted herbal medicine, prepare culturally influenced whole food recipes, and teach resilience through mindfulness.

You'll Get:

-Wholistic Alchemist Practitioner Guide + Kit
-Access to Private Facebook Group
-9 Months of Live Interactive Classes
-Certificate of Completion
-1-on-1 Wellness Support


Enrollment opens Spring 2023