Awakening the Roots - Intro to Phytochemistry
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Awakening the Roots - Intro to Phytochemistry

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Please do not register for this class if you have NOT taken Awakening the Roots - Intro to Herbalism. This is for Awakening the Roots community members only!


Welcome to Awakening the Roots - Intro to Phytochemistry! I told y'all the medicine would continue and this time we are heading into the world of phytochemistry! The medicine gives all of what it does not only because of our intentions, but the wisdom produced by the chemicals within the plants. 

Your integrity as an herbalist rest on the information you receive during your journey. Knowing how the plants communicate within themselves and the world around them will aide you how to use them for yourself and the folx that entrust you with their wellness.

This is a 2 day live class with an attached google classroom with supporting documents, activities, and assignments.

As a member of Awakening the Roots, the course is free for you. You have the option of dropping a donation to support the Plant Mama Triage Fund.

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Date: Saturday, November 12 -13 , 2022 @ 11:00 a.m. ET

A zoom link and access to google classroom will be sent 2 weeks before class.